cushings support

Anna Bradley <anna.bradley@...>

Hi, I'm quite new to this list having stumbled over it, looking desperately
for cushings stuff on the Net when my pony Oscar was recently diagnosed. I
have found all your suggestions really helpful, and quite morale boosting!!
Its good to know that there are other people out there in the same
As far as I can tell, I'm in the minority being from the UK!!
I have just set up a web site primarily as a support network for other
owners in the same position, as there is not that much on Cushings or
support for owners in the UK of cushingoid horses (unlike in the USA it
seems). If anyone is willing (from the UK or otherwise) to have their
e-mail address on my page so that other people from the UK or elsewhere can
speak to them regarding Cushing's/laminitis, please let me know!

Anna Bradley


- just checked out your site and really liked it- what a great idea
to start one where you are! sent a note and hope you get it.

Anna Bradley <anna.bradley@...>

Glad you liked my site!! Getting the word round that its out there is quite
hard! In the UK there is a serious need for that kind of stuff.
Re: sent a note and hope you get it, I'm not sure that I have!!
Regards - Anna