Cypro vs. Pergolide


Carla -

I too have had a terrible time obtaining Cyproheptadine at a reasonable
price. Sometimes, you can't get it at any price, and I hate to leave my
horse, Bug, without for even a short time. Right now, Cypro costs me $53 for
a 1000-count bottle through WalMart pharmacy. Each pill is 4 mg., and Bug is
on 140 mg. per day. We're slowly tapering him off it (by 20 mg. per month)
with the thought of repeat testing in the fall. His first tests were

Pergolide as explained to me by my vet seems to be a reasonable alternative,
as she recommends on 0.25 mg. dose per day. A lot less to mix in with his
Thyro-L and other stuff! I don't think it's any costlier than Cypro at that
low dose.

Just my thoughts on the subject...

Paula Brown
Poland, ME