Cyproheptadine - To refrigerate or not -- That is the Question!


First of all, Dummy Me, I gave you the phone number for Prescription
Specialties that would cost you $$$ to call. NEVER do that, when there is an
800 #! Sorry about that! The free # is:

I just called Prescription Specialties and asked the "Refrigeration Question"
I was really concerned after hearing that it was suggested and even written
on your bottles of cyproheptadine. The lady said, "Only if you are not going
to be using it within the year!" She said that it lasts so long, some people
don't use it within that time span. Not the case here, but hey, why not
stick it in the refrig? So, I am relieved to hear that I haven't messed up
or weakened the effects by not doing it before but I am going to keep it cool
from now on. Why not?

See how great it is to talk to others who are dealing with the same
problems/interests? I knew where to get the drug, that it was cheaper, but I
didn't know about the "keep it cool" thing. Now I do and I thank you! I
have to go shovel now, you probably have your work all done! Have a Great

Kay, Puppy, Becce, and Mira Me
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