Dancer's Diet and Vet Response

Dancer's Mom

I am having a hard time setting up my new laptop so I can enter info for the case study form, and getting help with it on Monday.  So, I thought I'd put Dancer's diet here.  I hope that's ok.  Please let me know if it's not.  I will get my case study form filled out and completed and add to my account by next week.
Here's Dancer's new diet as of 9/9/2021:
6.5 lbs meadow hay
6.5 lbs Teff hay
(soaking all hay for each meal)
Metabarol - 3 scoops
Purina Outlast - 30 oz,
40 oz LMF Low starch complete (about 2 lbs for supplements)
3 tablespoons salt
Simply Flax- 1 cup
Equine Generator-2 scoops
Starting Gate- 6-8 oz
Emcelle- 1 teaspoon
Concentrated Body Sore- (Herbal) 1 teaspoon
Gut-X - 2 pump
2 scoops California Trace
4 scoops MegRestore
2 scoops Thyroid powder from Vet
1 tab Equioxx (vet insists on this)
Sand Clear once/month
Abprazole1-2 packets per day while on pain meds for ulcer prevention
A to Z Blond Bits of Health -1 cookie
Outlast Cookies- 4
Just received SV EQ Foot and Body Sore (herbal?)(ready to add it to diet) Let me know if this is not recommended...
Once a month:
Sand Clear (she's on this till Saturday (7 days) ok'd by vet)

Cornell Lab tested 6/16/2021 ACTH 21.9 pg/mL and Insulin 70.62 uIU/mL
An email from today from my vet stating "I do not recommend retesting at this time. A good time for a check would be once she is more stable and has been on her reduced hay and thyroid for six weeks. Dancer will tell us clinically how she is doing and then we can ensure the bloodwork is moving in the right direction. "
Northern California 2021

Sherry Morse

Hi Patti,

This information would be more helpful if we knew what Dancer's current weight vs. her ideal weight is.  Is the hay actually being measured or is that an estimate? Are you giving totals per meal or per day for that and the grain amounts?

Outlast is in an alfalfa base so not something we recommend for an IR horse.  Is there a reason you're feeding so much salt and flax?  The Equine Generator contains molasses and is not something I'd risk feeding an IR horse.  Please note that the dose of MagRestore you're using is the loading dose and only meant for the first 10 days.  As far as the SV EQ Foot and Body Sore - we do not recommend tumeric as it can raise insulin in some horses. 

If you're giving a NSAID (the Equioxx) you should not be giving ulcer meds at the same time as these can have detrimental effects - see  Also if the laminitis is metabolic in nature the NSAIDs will not help so unless you're using it for another issue you should stop it. 

How long has she been on the Thryo-L?  If your vet prescribed this to help with elevated insulin please note that it will not help with that although it can help jump start weight loss.


Dancer's Mom

Dancer gets 1/2 meadow hay and 1/2 Teff for each meal. I weigh it with a digital scale. 4 lbs for breakfast, 3 lbs for lunch 3 lbs for Dinner and 3 lbs for evening snack before or after dinner, depending on what time they feed dinner at barn.  it’s between 4:30 and 8pm for dinner 
I split supplements and grain in 1/2 so I feed her at 8am and later in the afternoon, depending on when I can be at the barn. And the Outlast is with each meal. 

Dancer is 14 / 3 height and about 990 lbs with weight tape. As of two days ago. 

I’ll take out the outlast and just add 4 oz LMF low starch complete for each meal, instead.  

should I stop all supplements?

Thank you for your help. 

Northern California 2021

Dancer's Mom

Dancer’s been on thyroid powder since 9/13/21 for help with weight loss. And should I decrease flax and salt?  I have those amounts cuz of the instructions on container and it’s hot in Martinez, CA so I increase salt. 

I do have hay analysis for meadow hay and not Teff. But will get Teff analysis and the barn is getting a new shipment of meadow hay today or tomorrow and barn will be weaned on new hay for a couple days. We’re almost 100% out of old existing meadow hay.  I hope I answered all  the questions. I’ll double check in a couple hours. Back to work..
Northern California 2021

Sherry Morse

So is Dancer's ideal weight 990 or closer to 900lbs?  If it's 900lbs she should be eating no more than 18lbs a day. It sounds like you're feeding her less which can have its own issues. 

Was she on all of these supplements prior to her laminitis episode or have you started them all since she started showing signs of hoof pain?

Dancer's Mom

Dancer’s weight , right now is 990 and she definitely needs to loose weight.  Ideal weight is closer to 900  when I first got her, 4 years ago, she was about 945.

I’ve been giving her all those supplements for a while.  I just added the MegRestore last month.

And she’s had “lamenesses” and ulcers on and off for a while now.  At least since beginning of the year.  She’s an Easy  keeper appendix quarter horse.

when I increase her exercise, when she’s able, I increase her hay quantity. And I’ve also have had her on “ free feed” hay and had 50-70% Teff hay and 30-50% meadow hay.  And she’s always self regulated cuz she really doesn’t like Teff hay that much. Beginning of August, she was feeling sound and healthy so, I put her back on free feed at that time, and have always used some type of slow feeder, with her.

 9/9/21 we started on thyroid powder 1 scoop per vet for weight loss and vet increased thyroid powder to 2 scoops on 9/22/21 to speed up weight loss, she said  


Northern California 2021