Dates for horses?

lorraine kitral

I was wondering if feeding a few medjool dates to an IR horse is advisable? I've done some research on dates and humans and they have an impact on regulating blood sugar, blood pressure, etc. and are considered one of the healthiest things to eat, in moderation. Curious to know if they would have a positive impact on a horse or, because of their sugar content they are an absolute no. They have lowered my blood pressure considerably to where I no longer need meds.
Lorrie K 
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Hi Lorrie,
I would not recommend feeding dates to IR horses.  These horses respond to added sugars by putting out more insulin to help cells take up more glucose from the blood because insulin resistance means the cells don’t get the message with a normal amount of insulin.  It’s the high insulin which causes laminitis, not the sugars per se.

I’m glad the dates are helping you though!
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