decision to treat

conny <concal@...>

So many decisions, so little time...I had decided to just treat with
thyrol when my vet talked me into treating with permax too,as he
thought sundance was definately cushinoid( definate? who knows)so now
I'm going to use 1mg liquid permax-which seems to be much cheaper per
mg than the pill. I've read here that some of you felt the liquid
cipro didn't work as well; anyone using the liquid permax? I din't
feel comfortable challenging his opinion, and after reading some of
the opinions here, I realize that there are as many different
opinions as there are people and we all in the end have to choose
what we feel will be the best for the horse, without ever really
knowing for sure. Geez, just thinking about it makes my gut lurch.
I had a nice ride in the rain this am on sundance and felt like at
least now I will be doing everything I can for him in hopes that he
never gets to the serious stuff, or that if he does, I did everything
I could. When my paint foundered at 24,I thought he was a gonner, as
did the vet. I stood him in mud 2x daily, let him roam at will,even
took him for short walks. My horses have always been barefoot-I ride
on dirt trails, with occassional rocky areas,but I guess my guys have
been blessed with hard feet. I still ride my paint,he was always my
horse of choice,but he suffers from arthritis (I use nutra-flex and
love it)so our rides are a little shorter and a lot less frequent-
down to once or twice a week. Oops, I digressed...back to
sundance...he will be tested in a month to see if we are on the right can only hope...Conny in west central Illinois.