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Hi Mary, Perhaps one of the hardest things is finding the right diet for
your horse! I feed Strategy instead of Senoir because it is lower in
sugars and that is better for our Cushingoid horses. I have been very
happy with it. I also feed about 1 cup of corn oil daily increasing to
almost 2 cups in the winter to add carbs to the diet. My mare only gets
oat/wheat/barley hay and an occasional handful of stemmy alfalfa that we
cut ourselves as a treat. She got FAT this winter!! Had to put her on a
diet! I also feed Ester C because it helps with the immune system. This
regime has worked well for me. I agree with Makyla- there is lots of
good info on that web page. Oh, I also feed the free choice mineral
system from ABC and both my horses vacuum up the A and B mixes so it
must be something missing in our local hay. Its a good program I think.
Good luck!!