diet advice

rich goldy <rmgoldy@...>

Thanks guys I really do appreciate your suggestions! I forgot to mention
that Marvin also gets 1 cup corn oil& ABC Plus (I will start the free
choice system and their cushings supplement soon).
I feel more like a chemist or a gormet chef sometimes than a horse
I am working on the list of available vet articles too, I should have
that done soon, so everybody can go look them up. In the meantime, look
at the links section of this group and go to the
site. They have alot of very interesting stuff there.
And Anna, I see no reason why our groups could not contact eachother at
anytime simply by posting messages. Another e-group I belong to has
folks from all over the world in it.
Looking foreward to hearing from you in the UK too.
Mary & Marvin