Digest Number 100


Hi everyone

I have noticed a lot of talk about ABC supplements. Where do you get
them and from what company? Thanks for your help.

I lost three ponies to compications resulting from Cushings. I have the
daughter of one of those ponies on De Tox which is supposed to help
absorp the excess corttzone secreted by the Cushings. She did not test
postivie for Cushings using the Beta Lab test but she had one positive
test and one negative test using Cornell labs. The said it was because
she was not showing the cushing's disease at the time of the test. I
don't know which is right but I figured it wouldn't hurt to just give
her the product. I also give her Vitamin C and feed Strategy. Her Mom
had Cushing's and still lived to the age of Thirty Five. I hope this
pony will live as long. She is sixteen now. She shows no symptons
except that she can be very up in attitude at times and she is a little
heavy coated, but she is a Shetland so it is hard to tell. I enjoy the
list and I can sympathize with your losses. It is hard to lose them.

Bettyann Seablade
Shadowbrook Farm, Classic Shetlands
Middletown, New York