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I've been using a liquid suspension of Cypro. that I purchased from a place
in CT. It's made especially for horses (apple/carmel flavored) 100mg/ml so
my horse is getting 1.8cc daily. The cost was $165.00 for a 500ml bottle
which will last "a very long time". The expiration date will actually happen
before I use the entire bottle but I should still get about 6 months out of

I was previously paying $70.00/1000 tabs which lasted less than a month. The
liquid is very easy to use and practically fool proof in a boarding
situation. I make up the syringes ahead of time and have the person feeding
add it to his feed daily. So far the only down side is that it needs to be
refrigerated, but this is a manageable thing. I've been using it for one
month and my horse continues to look better and better.

Follow up blood work will be done soon to see what's going on inside. With
the tablet form of Cypro. The horse improved a great deal symptomatically.
However, his ACTH levels didn't change much (still high). It'll be
interesting to see what happens with the liquid.

For anyone interested Prescription Specialties is the pharmacy and the
number is 1-800-861-0933. e-mail: rxspecialties@...

Is anyone else using this or any other "secrets"? What kind of results?

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1. Pergolide Mesolyte (sp?)
From: "Robin Siskel" <Eclectk1@...>


Message: 1
Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2000 17:12:52 -0000
From: "Robin Siskel" <Eclectk1@...>
Subject: Pergolide Mesolyte (sp?)

Hi Everyone,

I'm wondering what the latest dosage recommendations are for the
pergolide? Is it still the higher (somewhere around 0.75 mg) or did
that lower dosage pan out (somewhere around 0.25 mg if I'm
remembering correctly)?

Also would be interested in hearing from everyone about the prices
you're finding now for Cyproheptadine and Pergolide both...

Thanks and hope all of you and yours are doing well!