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Yes this list is brand new (as of last week I think) so you haven't missed

I have a 21 year old Swedish Warmblood gelding (my partner of 19 years)who
is doing FEI dressage. He was diagnosed last August though I realize now
that he has had mild symptoms for nearly two years. I just assumed that he
was "getting old".

We started him out on 120mg/day of Cyproheptadine. Outwardly he has made a
complete turn around and is now back in my full training program. He has
regained much of the muscling he had lost, the pot belly is much improved
and all of the skin problems he had developed are gone. He never really got
the long curly hair coat that most get but he had more hair than normal (for
him) during the summer. Horses in the NW are just beginning to shed so we'll
see what he decides to do for the summer months.

The unfortunate thing is that even though he looks so much better, his
follow-up blood work did not show much improvement. We have now increased
the Cypro. to 180mg/day. More blood work to be done in a couple of weeks.

Can I ask how much you pay for the pergolide and what your source is? I've
been shopping around since I expect at some point my horse will end up on

Also, what other supplements are you using. I'm not using anything else at
the moment but am open to suggestions.

As for the worming program, I am unfamiliar with the complications
associated with Cushings. Can you fill me in?

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Hi, Did this list just start? Let me introduce myself. I live in the
mountains of So Calif. I have two horses. A 6yo Morgan gelding and a
22yo HalfMorgan mare. My mare has Cushings. She is on pergolide and many
nutritional supplements. I use quite a few of ABC's products. I was in
the study for Cushings but dropped out as one of the stipulations was
that you use ABC Plus. It is expensive and I did not see any real
difference while she was on it. I am pleased with her progress at this
point and so is the vet! I would love to share/hear what everyone else
is doing for their cushingoid horses. Also I am in search of a decent
worming routine. Any suggestions? Cushings can complicate this issue so
I am being very cautious.
Thanks and looking forward to sharing the trials and successes of caring
for our friends,