Digestive upset from metformin was Re: Increased Insulin/Nuzu Stabul One/Metformin


Dr Kellon, do we know what kind of digestive upset? Cayuse suffered a colic about a month of metformin, and her digestive tract has been slow to return to normal. I stopped metformin immediately.
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In people, it's nausea or diarrhea.
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Cindy Giovanetti

Mine nearly colicked or may have colicked the first day on Metformin.  I started over and titrated him up.  Things were fine for maybe six months.  Then he just quit eating, picking through his food, leaving depressed.  (This is a horse with a huge appetite!)


I took him off all supplements, and added each back in one by one, including titrating the Metformin.  Everything was fine until about a month later, he went off his food again.


I took him off all supplements and added each back in one by one (again), this time without adding the Metformin back in.


He’s never missed a meal since.  I don’t know what that means.  Unfortunately, I was not able to have his blood tested during all that.




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