Dilly-big ACTH jump #incretins


My near 24 yo mare had a jump in ACTH from 16.4 in 4/2021 to 40.1 in 3/2023.
Should I increase her Prascend to 1.5 tablet?

Is Dilly considered to be IR?  Might an increase in Prascend improve the IR values and calculated indicators?

Mikki Z in GA 2021
Dilly (PPID) https://ch.ecirhorse.org/case-history.php?id=145

Nancy C

Hi Mikki

I would expect Dilly's ACTH t be lower this time of year. Assume the pergolide was started as a reuslt of this ACTH. 

Her insulin is good.  It appears she has been recovering from a medical issue and is moving in the right direction. I would however, take a strong look at how much she is eating. BCS pictures would be helpful.  The Weight and BCS section has examples built right into the app for you to review.  You may have seen them.

Good work getting this up.

Nancy C in NH
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Eleanor Kellon, VMD


Yes, I would increase her pergolide. Her insulin is mildly abnormal, not in the range of acute laminitis danger.
Eleanor in PA

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