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Pat H


I just received my order for Jiaogulan and have searched the files for the dosage and not sure how much for mini.  Snort is a mini pony, 350lbs, should I start him on 1/2 tsp a day?  Do you recommend that small amount to be divided between am and pm and prior to meals?  When should I check his gums to see if they have pinked up?  

I also updated Snort's history since I have changed his feed.  I originally had him on Triple Crown Safe Forage, vet recommendation, but was suggested by the group to put him on Timonthy cubes.  He was not eating them dry or wet very well so I changed him to the Haystack Special blend.  Again he doesn't want to eat them unless I put a little of the Safe Forage I had left over with them.  I have tried to wet them also and he still won't eat the pellets.  Any other suggestions?

Thank you,
Pat H
January 16th

Nancy C

Hi Pat

Starting dose for a full size equines 1/2 tsp. I'd start with a scant 1/4 2Xs a day.  Syringe in 20 minutes before eating gives the best results.
EDITED TO ADD: IME you can see the pink gums and tongue within three days of reaching the correct dose.

More info here  Jiaogulan Doses and Precautions.pdf  

Have you looked at the Picky Eaters checklist? What ever you are doing to change over, going slow to allow taste buds to adjust, has always worked well for me.

Nancy C in NH
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