Dr Kellon - need help re significant increase in triglycerides

Patti SoCal 2020

Yesterday I received the results of the CBC chem panel for Sunny after 6 weeks on Invokana. His triglycerides had increased from 73 (chem panel run prior to starting Invokana on 2-20) to 1096. He has no obvious symptoms. He is eating, maintaining weight, is neither lethargic nor depressed. I sent you an email yesterday with both chem panels attached as well as forwarding the email from my vet with the results. There were a couple of other areas of concern as well.  I am still waiting for insulin results from Cornell.  I have updated my CH including both chem panels, and will update insulin results as soon as I receive them. 

I'm wondering what my next steps should be. Should I decrease dose to 150 mgs? If so, should I do that now or wait a period of time to allow the triglycerides to normalize? If I wait, how long do you suggest and should I run another CBC/chem panel prior to restarting?  I have reread the threads from both Nancy (Vinnie) and Cass (Cayuse), just to refresh my memory. Invokana has resolved Sunny’s laminitis but I do want to avoid a hospital visit.

To be on the safe side, I have stopped giving him Invokana until I hear back from you. Thanks for your help. It is greatly appreciated.
SoCal 2020