early signs of PPID?

Jenny Heishman

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for some advice on whether I should test my 9yo Rocky Mountain/Paso Fino gelding for PPID on November 9th.  The vet is coming out to see his barn mate horse, and I could split the barn call.  My finances are a little tight right now, so I'd like to test at the best time, but also want to give him the best how to balance these two?

What I have noticed is that he has a very thick winter coat that comes in very fast (same coat as the two previous years, but this year, I keep focusing on it)
In mid-October, he needed more hay to keep his body weight the same.  (he eats tested hay with mineral balance in R/S/R beet pulp)
A few days after adding 2lbs hay/day he had five days or so where he drank a lot more than usual.
Shortly after that, his hind legs stocked up - so surprising - have never seen this on him.

The drinking is back to normal, the stocking up has cleared.
Does this seem like early signs of PPID?  I can't stop wondering about it!

Thanks for any words of wisdom.

Jenny Heishman and Rico  
Bainbridge Island, WA   June 2018


Hi Jenny,
I don’t see anything that would lead me to test for PPID.  However, it seems your case history has not been updated since 2018 so it’s hard to know what might have been happening in the meantime.  I’d be more likely to test his insulin and glucose, knowing his breed and your original concerns.
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