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I was so lucky to find a very gently used pair of clouds for my boy and he was walking so well yesterday afternoon! This morning after getting up he seemed quite sore but I am hoping that was just due to the time of day and having been laying down.
He also had a bit of discharge from his coronet band so I think an abscess is still draining.
Do those who use them leave them on 24/7? The woman I bought them from suggested switching the insert pads from L to R every day.
And Lorna, he is still eating his Amino trace+ everyday thanks to your suggestion! We are also up to his recommended amount.😎
New Brunswick, Canada

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Lorna in Ontario

Yay, Natalie! Well done, you!

I'm happy to have been helpful, for sure, but please don't blame me, when, out of the blue , he decides ixnay to his bucket. 👼


Lorna Cane
Ontario, Canada


Cindy Q

When we needed clouds, we kept the same pad in the same boot (even marked them so they wouldn't be mixed up) as they conform to the foot and then give customised support (ie we don't switch them around) and we took them off for a couple of hours to dry out everyday. We also put generous amounts of powder into the boots when booting to again help keep things dry.
Cindy - Sep 2017, Singapore

Deb Walker

Natalie - Scotty has worn some kind of boot 24/7 (except for brief trials of various glue ons) since September of 2017. He seems to prefer the Clouds with the Soft Ride inserts vs. the ones that come with the Clouds. As Cindy said, I believe the instructions somewhere state to not switch the boots around because of it adapting to the horse's foot. I also marked the boots so I could remember which was left and which was right...for me...that was using a permanent marker to blacken the L in the word Cloud on the left foot.

I've experimented with lots of powder and not so much to find a happy medium. I buy the medicated powder (similar to Gold Bond) at the $ Store for $1. If your horse is wearing them 24/7, they need to be removed each day to clean them out from shavings and whatever yucky stuff accumulates. For that I use a wire brush, hoof pick, and softer kitchen type brush.  I also strongly believe in having a spare pair in case they get very wet, so that you can let them get fully dried out before re-using.

Good luck. I am so tired of cleaning boots every day, but you do what you have to :) 
Deb and Scotty I/R, PPID
Pecatonica Illinois, May 13, 2019
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