ECIR Group Case History sites__REMINDER

Nancy C

Hi Everyone

As previously announced, the Case History subgroup is now closed to new information. All histories are still available for viewing in what is now The Library.

All new histories and updates to existing histories will need to be filed on the new site.

Please join the new Case History site at to update your information. Look for two emails from Case History staff that may be in your spam folder to announce your approval.

Once you are approved, open a file for your equine via Equine Basic Information.

Guidance for use of the new site is in the main forum Wiki. Many members just dove in and added their info. Taking at look at least some areas, like loading HOOF photos, is recommended. Look for !! LEARNING CURVE  as a flag in the Wiki guides.

This is a good place to start for general info:

Many thanks to all members who have joined the new site, and especially those who have started the over 150 histories that now reside there. 

We can't do it without you.

For the horses.
Nancy C in NH
ECIR Moderator 2003
ECIR Group Inc. President 2023-2024

Skip and Sonny New Site CH links:

Beau CH links:

ECIR Group NEW Case History site is now open Bookmark and save this link somewhere on your device(s). 

Guides to best experience on the new site