ECIR Group NEW Case History site -- How to get around

Nancy C

To ALL --

Here is a snippet from one of the guides in the wiki

! LEARNING CURVE Understanding Site Function. There are three functional areas in the new site: 

(1) Your public facing CH that is the culmination of your work. You'll know you are there by case-history in your URL.  >>>>>

This is to my Skip's CH.
Note all the sections filled out are lined up on easy navigation buttons at he top.

(2) Your Sections work area, where you ADD/UPDATE information. Sections are Symptoms, Weight & BCS, Forage, Hoof, Labs, Medications, etc...

(3) Your DOCS & IMAGES (D&I) area where you upload and store your images and documents. Only you and Admin have access to this area.

More here. to help guide you.

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