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is there data that show % of ppid horses that have eotrh


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I don't think I have seen anything that gives % of PPID horses per se but PPD and EMS horses are at approximately twice the risk as horses in general. Aggressive (power) dentistry is the major risk factor.
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Alisa Martin

Andante has EOTRH and has had 3 oral surgeries in 2 years to remove teeth (I think 7 so far). He's currently recovering from the last surgery. Have been doing a deep dive on this topic, and like you I haven't seen anything that gives a % of PPID horses affected by EOTRH (though in one study which followed 20 horses, 3 had PPID). I saw that article in TheHorse.com that you reference LJ. Here's the source article published as proceedings from the 2013 AAEP convention. (For a shortcut, a 2014 article in TheHorse.com summarizes the key findings in that paper). I thought the author's hypothesis for endocrine disease as a risk factor was interesting: "The hormonal effects of cortisol (associated with PPID) may weaken the periodontal ligaments, and the high levels of glucose and insulin in the blood may affect essential components of the cementum (tissue that covers much of the visible portion of the tooth) and periodontal ligament adversely, thereby increasing the risk of periodontal disease."

All I really know is that it has been extremely difficult to contend with, and every horse owner should become familiar with the symptoms and get in the habit of looking in their horse's mouth as routinely as they look at the feet.

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