Ertugliflozin - risky or worthwhile?


I need to update my file - I spent a long time doing it a few months ago but I couldn't save/upload it.

In the meantime I just wanted reassurance that ertugliflozin is safe. I've asked my vet for it due to Quest's apparent inability to lose weight/fat pads despite a ECIR based diet (based on 1.5 - 1.7% bw soaked hay, sugarbeet with vits and mins and salt). The vet said that in 95% of cases, diet fixes it and I need to feed 1% bodyweight.  I'm not willing to do that - she's in a stable, hungry, most of the time and living an awful life. 

He's reluctantly agreed to try ertugliflozin as I said I wanted that rather than metformin or levothyroxine.  It's not clear to me if he's actually going to come out for insulin tests etc though or just send the prescription. 

I see there's posts about tests and monitoring but it's hard to make sense of it going through threads. Is there a document or file about ertugliflozin? Is it safe? What do I need to do? 


Carly Butler
Nottinghamshire, UK, 2020

Lorna Cane

Hi Cathy,

I did a messages search for ertugliflozin,and found a number of recent messages about it. Sorry,I don't know more than that.

Lorna in Eastern Ontario

Eleanor Kellon, VMD


Until you get an up to date case history up we are really limited in giving you an opinion.  Have you tried metformin? You should do that first.

Eleanor in PA 
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Lorna Cane

Sorry, sorry, Carly ! (cataracts)

Lorna in Eastern Ontario

Kirsten Rasmussen

Hi Carly,

Ertugliflozen/Canagliflozin are new drugs with potential for serious side effects.  We only recommend them for horses with intractable EMS that need more than diet, exercise +/- Metformin to be comfortable.  If your vet will contact Dr Kellon by email, she can share the current info sheet.  You will need to do regular bloodwork and urine testing to monitor your horse on it.

What step are you stuck at for uploading an updated Case History?  If you click on the link to your Case History folder below your name in your posts here, it will take you there and you will see a blue "+ New/Upload" button at the top of the screen.  Click on it, select New File, then navigate to where the file is saved on your device/computer.

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