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Nancy & Vinnie & Summer

Hi all,

We.have Vinnie in the easy boot rx on the left front and we plan to keep him barefoot in that foot until his hoof wall grows down to hold a nail. We plan to put him in a sneaker long term.  The easy boot rx is really only for light turn out.

I want to get a boot that graduates from the rx to something we can start doing light trot work etc.

What are your favorite kinds of boots for this purpose?

Thanks! Nancy 
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Cheryl Oickle

I used cavallo treks for rehab post founder with pads and after Jewel was once again worked, I just took the pads out.  They are awesome boots and I have only had her come out of them ONCE in two years. Even though she seems 100 percent recovered, our terrain is grossly rocky so I ride her in boots always.

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Hi Nancy,

I have been a Scoot Boot fan for several years now...I keep my IR horse barefoot year round...she has never had a nail in her hoof. She has thin soles and I have limestone gravel everywhere and live in an area where I have a lot of rock on my trails. I used Soft rides to get her through some times of soreness but then transitioned her to the Scoots for training. If I am riding on grass she is fine and she has also built up a good sole over the years that she can still go barefoot sometimes but when I ride in the dry lot or after a trim She has Scoot Boots. I started with just fronts but now have all the way around for the trails. The original boots have lasted for over 3yrs and look to go much longer. If you are interested you can message me and I will give you the wonderful woman I have dealt with. She is on FB too and runs Heartland Scoot Boots. She is great to work with. I have also used the boots for turnout when she had a trim that he pared her sole on 2 occasions. 

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Bobbie Day

Regarding scoots
My gelding wore his first scoots when they were first offered here, I actually bought them from them when started out in Australia.
I just barely bought him a new pair and the only reason was they were getting stretched out. They have lots of wear left but was getting sloppy. I really recommend them if you just need minimal protection. My horse has good feet but before me was kept in shoes. Sometimes I ride him without anything but we have a lot of rock here. It’s about the only boot besides Desi’s equine fusions that I can actually put on. If you send pictures to Stacey at Heartland she will size them for you. They have always been my go to.

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My favorite boot is one that fits my horse's movement. Sometimes hooves in rehab have trims that are still "in process" in terms of toe length.  My suggestions is to measure that hoof at least 3 times. Trace it on a piece of white paper and double check the measurements from the manufacturers you like. Then look for a boot that will fit with the kind of padding you think is needed. 

While I boot in Easyboot Trails for hoof pain --with only the thinnest gel pads-- for Cayuse, Renegades are the only boots to hug the hoof and never rotate in work. They can be custom-ordered with padding, but I wouldn't say they offer a lot of cushioning. 
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My thin-soled Paso goes well in Renegade Vipers for riding - they are my "go to" riding boot.  I have Scoot boots for him too - but they offer less protection than the Vipers and I don't think he would be handle most of my area trails very well in them.
He also has a pair of Old Macs (think the Gen 2 ones) a friend gave to me because she didn't need them anymore.  They are 'clunky' on him - really mess his gait up for riding.
I've used all three when Salsa has been a bit ouchy on his dry lot even though they are not therapeutic boots (and luckily all three gave him instant relief).

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Collaeyn Hazen

I am another scoot boot fan, and My Monty wore them for turnout for a year. But with Monty’s laminitis this spring, his hoof shape isn’t suitable for them right now. He is finally comfortable for turnout barefoot, and for riding I am using flex boots. They are appropriate for tough use but we are just walking (mostly) at this point. He clomped right down my street with them our first ride after his healing (he told me where we were going to ride and took me to our favorite riding place) and obviously had no discomfort at all. The flex boots are interesting as they are really flexible and can work for a hoof that is oddly shaped.  I’ll probably go back to scoots eventually when Monty’s toes are back where they belong but having another option was really helpful.  
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Nancy & Vinnie & Summer

So many great options! Thank you all so much.  I will research these different boots to see which I think Vinnie will be the most comfortable in this next phase of his healing. I am super excited 🥰🥰
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