Feeding an insulin resistant horse


My horse was diagnosed with Cushing's in April. But this week during her recheck it was noticed she has now tested positive for insulin resistance. She does not have laminitis she is a healthy weight and she is still working. Up until yesterday she was on one pill of precend a day.. my vet asked me to increase that to 1.5 a day. we are waiting for the leptin results but I suppose that will determine whether or not she wants to add her on the insulin wise. My question is what is a healthy carrier for her supplements.. she eats teff hay and I'm wondering does she even need a balancer.i will list her current feed
15 year old Andalusian/Arab
4 lbs of teff 3 times daily
1lb triple crown balancer 2 times daily
Msm 2x
1000 eu vit e 2x
Cal trace plus 2x
Half lb teff and alfalfa pellets mixed 2x
1 oz flax oil 2x
Quarter teaspoon of caylon cinnamon 2x
1 oz icelandic kelp 2x
1 teaspoon salt 2x
2 teaspoons boswellia 2x

It also was mentioned to me that her levels could be elevated because she was tested after she ate breakfast.could this be the case

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Sherry Morse



Yes I have the results for both times my horse was tested I can't figure out how to attach them. Please bear with me I am learning how to navigate this site I work 14 hour days to pay for this beast LOL. But yes the second time she was tested I did feed her breakfast and she was tested shortly thereafter.. I could not remember if I was supposed to withhold her feed that morning and I was not told anything it quite possibly could have slipped my vet's mind we are all so busy. I will try to figure out how to attach her results to this page..
Heidi V.
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Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Heidi,

The group does not accept attachments - you need to create a Case History Folder on the Case History sub-group, then upload the test results there. You can also include the results in the appropriate places in your girl's case history document.

Hang in there, the tech part of this will get easier as you become more familiar with using the group.

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