Feeding jiaogulan with/before/after feed


I'm wondering how important the recommended feeding regime for jiaogulan is - feeding on an empty stomach and feeding nothing for 20 minutes after. 

This is difficult for me and Quest - as I give her 1.4kg every 4 hours, she's usually run out of hay about 2-3 hours before each new net and being stuck in her stable she's increasingly frustrated. If I go and give her the jiaogulan but then no hay for 20 minutes she gets upset. She also won't eat it as a paste but eats it mixed with a small bit of chaff. 

So, I can feed on a relatively empty stomach, but only with chaff. Then I'd like to give her her next haynet straight after the jiaogulan - is it okay to do this? I read something about maybe giving more jiaogulan if fed with food. 

Nottinghamshire, UK, 2020

Eleanor Kellon, VMD

Yes, you will have to use more if feeding right after it. Use gum and tongue color to guide you.
Eleanor in PA

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