Feeding Meds/Vitamins

Paula Brown <glorye@...>

It seems like everyone goes to such pain to feed medications and
supplements. I know I did until recently. My Cushing's gelding is on
multiple items, and I was so worried he'd drop or miss something if I
didn't squirt them directly down his throat each day.

However, I use the big round Farnam hanging feeders, and Bug is such
a PIG that he just sticks his head in and gobbles up everything in
site without pausing for breath. Literally NO spillage... must be
those Morgan genes!) I'd recommend them highly... easy to clean with
baking soda and water a couple times a week, they hang so cannot be
flipped or tipped over. And because they're fastened to the stall
with eyebolts, you can unsnap and make them portable.

As far as vitamim supplements go, Chris' suggestion about Ester C is
a good one. Most equine vets will recommend adding extra Vitamin C to
any geriatric horse's diet. I happen to use Vita-Flex Pure C. I also
really like their other products, especially the Accel Lifetime
vitamins, which has probiotic yeast culture to help aid digestion and
Gluta-Syn to help boost the immune system.

Bug, my Cushing's horse, gets those two supplements, plus Cypro,
Thyro-L, Corta-Flex powder, MSM, soybean oil, and a nifty new food
grade, ground flaxseed/calcium carbonate supplement called Nutra-
Flax. When I mix all this with his meager portion of Blue Seal
pellets, the soybean oil and Nutra-Flax moisten the grain enough so
everything else sticks well.

Paula Brown
Poland, ME