feeding oats/beet pulp to recovered IR horses directly after excercise

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I absolutely believe there is science behind this feeding strategy and dont doubt it is safe...Im just curious if anyone can explain to me what it is about oats/beet pulp that makes it safe for   IR horses?  It must have something to do with how oats are digested?   Is it also safe to feed  foods on the safe list  in those quantities with beet pulp directly after excercise or is it just the oat/beet pulp combination?  I used to , years ago, cook oats in water in a slow cooker till they were of a mash consistency...does anyone know if there are ways of preparing whole oats that are even safer to feed (after excercise) than just dry and whole?thank you everyone!
Debbie Girard   Massachusetts  2022

Lesley Bludworth

I think it has to do with the starch ratio in the meal  The beet pulp is very low starch and it increases hind gut fermentation of fatty acids. 
So the ratio of BP and oats in 1 meal needs to be balanced to keep the starch 10% or lower and
or the post exercise meal allows for a better tolerance of starch?  
Lesley Bludworth 
Phoenix, AZ   7/2022
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Nancy C

Hi Lesley and Debbie

The BP does not distill the oats.

The muscles take up more readily when they are hungry for glycogen after exercise. Need to feed within one hour after exercise.

Debbie you can use whatever works for your equine, even just more hay. I used BP and corn syrup for a very, very IR Morgan without incident but ONLY after exercise.

Lots more from Dr Kellon: https://ecir.groups.io/g/main/message/201780

The only reason to consider post workout oats is if the horse is showing poor exercise tolerance.  Just being back in work is not enough reason.  Oats won't help build muscle any more than safer feeds but you do need to make sure his protein intake is adequate.  Otherwise, exercise is the best muscle builder.  If he's showing any stiffness or pain along with slow muscle development consider giving 10 grams of L-leucine in 2 oz of corn syrup after exercise.

Lots more if you search on  posterid:58231  +oats +exercise

posterid:58231 is Dr Kellon.

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Eleanor Kellon, VMD

There are two reasons for the ratio:

A. Calcium:phosphorus ratio of the meal
B. Oats for rapid glucose increase and glycogen replenishment; beet pulp a slower fermentation which increases acetate and spares glucose for ongoing glycogen replenishment

Oats are used because they are the most easily digestible and least likely to spill over into the hindgut, causing issues for horses not accustomed to simple carbohydrate intake.

As Nancy said, corn syrup can also be used.
Eleanor in PA

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