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Judy and Bugsy

Hi There,

I am awaiting information from the hay balancer and in the meantime my flax, magnesium and vitamin e arrived today.  I'm wondering if any harm would be done to feed the flax, magnesium and vitamin e to the 2 year old buddy of my possible IR horse? 

Thanks in advance and stay safe everyone!
Judy and Bugsy
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
Feb. 25, 2020


Judy, those three items are important for all horses, just more so for an IR or PPID horse.  The only reservation I have is about the magnesium, which may or may not be needed.  Extra won’t hurt; it may cause loose manure.  I have not looked back through your previous communications but these items are generally good to add.  And salt.  
Martha in Vermont
ECIR Group Primary Response
July 2012 
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