FFWS Soaked Hay

Corina Ryan


I am very new to this experience, my mini appears to have IR and to be suffering from laminitis. The vet is scheduled to come today. I have noticed that she has been having poo freeze to her tail and seems to be having some FFWS symptoms such as passing gas more often and when she does a small amount of liquid comes out. Has anyone heard of this happening from soaking hay specifically? Should I switch her to a chopped feed such as safe starch? I am trying to find tested hay in my area which is proving to be a challenge. 

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Corina Ryan 
New Hampshire 
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Eleanor Kellon, VMD

Definitely not Safe Starch but TC has timothy balance cubes in their Naturals line and those are safe.
Eleanor in PA

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Kirsten Rasmussen

Hi Corina, I have not heard of soaked hay causing FFW, but anything that affects the gut is a possible contributor.  Here's some articles with ideas you can try:

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