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Has anyone tried HotHands toe warmers for winter laminitis?  The air activated pads you can put on your socks?  They caution not to put direct on a human foot, but wondered about placing it on the hoof wall directly or on top of a sock.
Nancy O, Colorado, 2022


Hey Nancy, 

I have (human) Reynauds, and use Hot hands religiously under 40-45 degrees F.

I tape them to the undersides of my wrists using climbing/gym tape and place them under heels in my 0 degree F rated field boots. 

I also sometimes put them in coat pockets, and have forgotten about them a few times. 

Based on all this experience, there is *no way* I would leave them anywhere near my horses or in a barn environment unsupervised; they take a LONG time after activation to deactivate (12 hours) so I make sure they are on a real marble counter top to cool down. 

They can get quite hot when in enclosed spaces in particular like the inside of a glove or a pocket - I wear my wrist ones under non-latex medical gloves, which then go under winter chore gloves.

If you must use them for anything horse related (which again I’d strongly caution against), the only suggestion I would have would be to quickly help warm a horse suffering from acute winter laminitis/very cold hooves, if say you forgot to put on boots and or the temps overnight dropped way lower than expected and your horse is cold and hooves are cold. In that instance I might hand hold a Hot Pack to back area of pastern to increase blood flow and jump start hoof rewarming but only for like 15-30 seconds and I’d make sure the horse was already blanketed, booted and wraps on legs just hold the package to pulse point for a few seconds.

That said, I’d only try that in very extreme circumstances and if Dr. K said ok, but I would likely steer clear of using these. 

They are a fire hazard, so don’t leave in or around barn or straw etc. 
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Nancy & Dot

Wow!  Thank you for that feedback.  I have Raynauds also and always found these warmers to be a disappointment.  While they would start to heat up, once in a glove or boot they went cold.  Regardless, I had not considered that they might reheat once out of a boot, nor that they could get really warm since I had never experienced that.  I agree, not something you want in a barn - although that is where I previously used them (for myself).

Thank you,

Nancy O, Colorado, 2022


I use heated socks and gloves for my raynauds. They have rechargeable battery packs and the socks work for 12 hours on low. I don’t know about using them on the horses but they are a huge help for me. 
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Nancy & Vinnie & Summer

I am using Hot Hands hand warmers to help draw an abcess out the coronary band on Vinnie's RF.

I first poultice with a cotton pad and cotton wrapping, then wrap the foot with vet wrap.  Over the area I suspected the abcess would emerge, I placed a hothands pad on top of the vetwrap, and covered it with duct tape once activated.  I made sure that the hothands pad did not have access to air (air continues to activate the heat) .  Vinnie seemed comforted by the heat in the area and the abcess did emerge overnite.  I have continued the same to help continue drawing over the last 48 hrs.

Thx Nan
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