Founder in older horses

Kelly Kathleen Daughtry

I'm curious. My vet said a horse that is 25+ can not founder (or it is extremely unlikely) and that at the age of 20, the risk of founder decreases by 50%.  A friend told me that when her PPID horse turned 25, she removed the grazing muzzle.  
Is there anything to this? 
Kelly & Micah, Clayton NC

April 2016

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Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Kelly,

I'd ask the vet where that information came from. It's completely wrong.

The biggest risk factor for developing PPID is increasing age and one of the most devastating symptoms is laminitis/founder. MY 35you mini stallion had his first bout of laminitis/founder at age 30. Many members here can attest to the same type of scenario.

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Bobbie Day

Boy, don’t we all wish this were true. My little mare was well into her twenties.


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Lorna Cane

I wish I had $1 for everyone here who has/has had/knows of a horse over 25 who has foundered.
Am I dreaming?

Lorna in Eastern Ontario

Sherry Morse

Personally I'd find another vet if they really believe that (and this is yet another example of why people really should never put their vet on a pedestal of all knowing).

Eleanor Kellon, VMD


I'd settle for 25 cents....
Eleanor in PA 
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Eleanor Kellon, VMD

This is totally untrue. As age increases so does the risk of PPID. With PPID comes increased risk of IR and as insulin rises, so does the risk of laminitis.
Eleanor in PA 
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