Free Fecal Water Syndrome and Question from Dr. Teskey


Hello Dr. Kellon... I am thankful to report that Tabby's manure has become more formed since I increased the Psyllium to give it to her as you recommended twice per day.  A few of my horse friends and my husband got photos of the balls in her manure.. I was so excited! 

Even tho I know better, I made the mistake of changing more than one thing at a time with increased Psyllium and transitioning her to a new hay.  I was thinking I would back off the Psyllium once the hay transition is complete to see what might happen at that point.  

Tomas was here yesterday and wanted me to ask you if there is a concern with feeding Psyllium and it preventing other supplements from being absorbed if fed together.  Is it okay to give them together, or in separate feedings.. or best to count on the supplements not being at full efficacy while Psyllium is also in the daily meal plan?

Thanks very much,  Sally
Sally in Big Park, Arizona/April 2013 




Eleanor Kellon, VMD

Psyllium at the level you are giving it is only about 2% of the total diet, extremely low.  Research in other species has found no significant impact of psyllium on mineral absorption when used in the usual therapeutic amounts. It's even less of a concern for the horse because they ferment the fiber, releasing any bound minerals.

If the horse is on pergolide I would give that an hour before feeding psyllium just to be safe because the dose of active medication is so low but otherwise there's no issue.
Eleanor in PA 
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