Free fecal water to now diarrhea and cow patty manure

Cheryl Oickle

I thought I was on top of the ffw with soyhulls but now Jewel's manure is just diarrhea without a major amount of ffw. She has turned her nose up at the soy hulls now and can only get 1 cup dry to soak in with her haycubes at night.
I was going to try psyllium fiber now which I purchased at the bulk barn. Is there a difference between the "named" psyllium husk fiber and Psyllium fiber? And what is the doseage please?

Cheryl and Jewel
Oct 2018
Port Alberni BC Canada

Trisha DePietro

Hi Cheryl. Here is some information for you regarding psyllium feeding....     -- When was Jewel's last deworming and what did you use to deworm? 
Trisha DePietro
Aug 2018
Primary Responder
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