gamma oryzanol

Jenny Heishman

Hi Dr. Kellon,

I read your response to Nancy about Vinnie and I wanted to ask you about the "Body Builder" product without taking over Nancy's thread.

Do you think this supplement would be helpful for controlling/lowering insulin in my gelding, Rico?

Rico has been diagnosed with early Cushings (age 11.5 years) and is on 1/2 tab Prascend with last blood work showing good results with ACTH at 12.4
His insulin continues to run high - same test it came back at 70, despite strict management.  We tried Metformin with so-so results.  I'm increasing exercise as much as I can.  He is not lame or tenderfooted atm.  He is wearing easyboot gloves on all 4 with industrial felt pads.  Vet advises Steglatro, but I'd like to try everything else possible before bringing out the "big guns" of the SGL2 inhibitor drugs.


Jenny Heishman and Rico  
Bainbridge Island, WA   June 2018

Eleanor Kellon, VMD

I don't know for sure about it lowering insulin in horses but there is a great deal of research in other species. The only precaution in your case is that it can also increase prolactin in horses at higher doses. This would point to decreasing dopamine. On the other hand, I have found research that says it increases dopamine. Bottom line is I don't know what  will happen if it's given to a PPID horse. Rico is a very early case though and this is the best time of year to try something like this.

A complicating factor is weather. As it starts to warm up you won't be able to tell if that is causing an improvement if one is seen but if you start very soon that shouldn't be a big issue.  Recheck ACTH and insulin after one month.
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