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Dear eGroups Moderator:

eGroups is very pleased to announce that we are joining the Yahoo!
family of
services! To learn more about the announcement, you can read the
release at

As a group moderator, you can assure your group members that eGroups
Yahoo! will continue to provide the same level of service and
that you have come to expect from both companies. We are very excited
about extending the opportunities and new offerings that will emerge
from this relationship to you and your group. We're just beginning to
explore the possibilities and new features that we'll be able to
as a combined company. As we go through this process, we pledge to
solicit your feedback on any proposed changes and keep you up-to-
date on
any changes to the eGroups service.

We are committed to sharing accurate and timely information with you
about the service and the merger as it becomes available, but at this
time, we don't have any specific details beyond what's included in
press release. We will keep you posted, but in the meantime, please
continue to use the service as normal.

Thank you,

The folks at eGroups and Yahoo! Customer Care