Great results with WIRX ; ))



I posted my revised case history.  I am SO HAPPY today!  Great results with WIRX for Magic.  

In case you are like me and it's too long to review the history, here's a summary:

Last October his insulin was at 1076 (normal 0-301 pmol/L) and glucose at 7.6 (normal 3.5-6.7 mmol/L). Terribly lame, I thought I had to say goodbye.
We first started with changes in diet. Soaked hay and REMOVED Purina Optimal and Blue Seal Carb guard = Nov. results insuline 725 and glucose 7.1
December 2020 we started him on Metformin = results insulin 438 and glucose 4.3 (got excited for a while)
January 2021 results insulin 581 and glucose 6.0 (my depression came back)
February 2021 results insulin 653 and glucose 5.2 = kept going up despite being on metformin and all my efforts.  He had been on Madbarn Omneity and timothy pellets.  Was desperate at this point. Almost need a hip replacement from soaking hay!
March 1, 2021 Started WIRX - Sandi was nice enough to send me samples to see if my picky boy was going to eat it.  Yes, he liked it.
From March 13 to 16, I reduced metformin to once a day every 2nd day and March 16 is the last time he got Metformin. It wasn't working anyway.

April 2021 RESULTS now with WIRX:   Insulin 363 (never been this low) and glucose 4.8
I am so happy I contacted Sandi at GS Organic solutions and tried WIRX.  I thank her for this product and thanks to whoever shared this information.  He is a very happy horse and I am a happy mom too.  

My vet is really impressed as he was skeptical when I told him I was trying this supplement.  We changed nothing else and stop Metformin on top of it.
I had to share.  I am just too happy for my boy.  If you can't get the insulin down, TRY IT!!!

Francine & Magic in Quebec Nov 2020
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Happy to see someone else post good results with WIRX along with an updated case history. Magic is a cutie!
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Eleanor Kellon, VMD

I hope this turns out to be a beneficial supplement for EMS horses but must remind you that warming temperatures and longer day length result in this being the best time of year for our horses. Looking forward to seeing how they do as we enter the coming fall and winter.
Eleanor in PA 
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Bobbie Day

happy for you both!
honestly I’ve been a bit skeptical about this product but so glad you got good results. It’s pretty expensive isn’t it?
and yes, what a cutie patuti ❤️

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Lorna Cane

Hi Francine,

Could be great news.

Do you have insulin results for last April, 2020? I may have missed them?


Lorna  in Eastern  Ontario
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For a mini, I don't find this expensive at all.  The 6 kg will last a long time.
Maybe for a regular size horse, it would get expensive, but when nothing else works you got to do what you got to do ; )))))  Seeing him happy and running pays for it!
Will keep him on that and keep my case history up to date.

I tried Heiro on Magic and another horse before and never got results.  
Francine & Magic in Quebec Nov 2020
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No Lorna, I started posting in November 2020.  In April 2020, it was just the beginning of his laminitis crisis that lasted months. 
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Sherry Morse

Hi Francince,

To Lorna's question about insulin/glucose results from this time last year in order to compare apples to apples as it were we would like to see test results from the same time of year and the same temperature/feeding conditions and the same lab and it looks like that isn't possible if you don't have results from last spring.


No as indicated - I don't have results because last year he was fine so I don't have glucose insulin test results.  He started last summer first being ouchy in May to being lame. Before that, even if he was diagnosed with Cushing and treated with Prascend he was doing well.

Francine & Magic in Quebec Nov 2020
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