Hard swollen area in front of udder

Kandace Krause

Hi all,
I just did a search for this and found some old information but nothing conclusive so I am asking.  At  K's diagnosis area in front of udder, not udder bags, were swollen, soft and equal with a division down centre line.  Now, with weight loss, there is swelling on one side only, it is hard, no reaction to touch.  Mare is constantly lifting her back feet in a small kicking motion and relief from this seems to come from scratching and cleaning udder, but a few days later, behaviour returns.  She is very difficult to note when cycling, and has been so as long as I have owned her (10yrs+).

One of the search posts mentioned an infection, as opposed to anything resulting from IR or PPID.  
Can someone name this or direct me to a better search on this topic, please?  I used swollen udder+one side, I think.
New blood work to post to CH coming soon, improvemnts again.

Kandace K Rocky Mountains, Alberta, Oct 2

Eleanor Kellon, VMD

Sometimes these swellings are fat. Otherwise, may be edema or lymphatics. If she responds to cleaning, lymphatics and infection are most likely. Try getting a  bottle of Betadine/povidone iodine from the pharmacy and pouring this into a bag of baby wipes. Wipe the udder and the crease between udder and legs with these twice a day.
Eleanor in PA

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Kandace Krause

Lydia Tuggle

My PPID mare developed this last year as well, except that it doesn’t seem to bother her at all. No reaction to touch whatsoever and no behavioral changes. I’ve had 3 vet opinions, but no real answers. 
Lydia Tuggle 
Las Vegas, NV
Jan 2021