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rosalyn meng

I am revisiting the question of my barn's hay.  They did the hay analysis and it looks like the hay First cutting is over 13 % NSC and 2nd cutting was much lower at 8.57 (however it has 40% clover).  Would 2nd cutting be acceptible?   Third cutting is NSC is 7.36 but crude protein is highest at 15.02.  Full hay analysis is in the case history.   In the past, first cutting has been under 10%.  This is unusual.  So I believe she has been eating this for one year since they baled it last June 2022.  The owner is going to resend the hay to Equi Analytical for another analysis.  The first one was done at Dairy 1.  

Thank you for your input.  Her labs are also in there.  I hope the signature has been done correctly as the question could not be answered without my signature.  Thanks so much.

Rosalyn, Downers Grove, IL, 2017
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Lorna Cane

Hi Rosalyn,

I looked for Beauty's ch,in order to check for ESC and Starch numbers. I can't find it,which might just say I am not navigating the system properly. 
But is there anything that you might have overlooked?Have you clicked on Save wherever needed,for example?

Lorna in Eastern Ontario

Sherry Morse

Hi Roslyn,

The link you need to add to your signature is the one for your CH:

As per your CH notes Beauty is about 100lbs overweight at 1040lbs.  At 13.2 she probably should be closer to 900lbs for an ideal weight which is 150lbs less than she is now.  She should therefore be eating no more than 2% of her ideal weight or 1.5% of her current weight, whichever is greater.  That would be 18lbs max (for 900lbs ideal) or 19lbs (for 950lbs ideal).  Regardless, it's less than you have her listed as eating now.

Is her 'free choice' hay actually being weighed or is the 20lbs you have listed for her just a guess?

We look at ESC+starch and want that number to be under 10%.  I can't read either document you attached as the pictures are taken at an angle, not straight on to the paperwork.  If you could retake the pictures from directly above and replace the current images with better ones that would be helpful.

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Sandy Carr


I'm not an expert by any means but I thought I'd point out something. You keep mentioning "NSC". In the hay analysis we look at "ESC". We look for the combination of ESC and starch to be less than 10%.

March 2017, Onalaska, WA, USA

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Hi, Rosalyn.
I'm with Sherry: I can't be sure I'm reading the analyses you posted correctly because the enlarged images are illegible. Try retaking the photos with the camera pointing straight down on the paperwork.

Sandy and Sherry are right: NSC isn't the metric we use to gauge the safety of forage. Look for hay with ESC + Starch less than 10% total AND Starch less than 4%. 

The analyses you posted were by Dairyland, not DairyOne. Dairlyland usually does NIR analyses, which means that the analyses aren't very accurate for determining forage safety for our EMS equines. Please ask the barn owner to make sure that ESC and Starch be tested by WET CHEMISTRY. At Equi-Analytical, the Carb Pack is done by wet chemistry.
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rosalyn meng

I will resend photos of analyses- thank you!
Rosalyn, Downers Grove, IL, 2017
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