hay analysis question

vicky monen

I just got the new hay analysis back and wanted to know your thoughts on the details about the starch.

Do some horses do better at a certain starch %?  or do you only go by the total starch and sugar combined?

My guy had issues in the past with similar numbers I just got back.  He had mild lami flair ups when the starch was over 1% even if the total combined s/s was below 10%.

Has anyone else seen this with feeding hay higher in starch while the sugar numbers were not too bad?

He had issues with 7.7% s/s total, w/ 6.6% sugar and 1.1% starch, as well as issues with, 8.6% total s/s, with 7.4% sugar and 1.2% starch.
This hay is at 7.8% total s/s with 6.2% sugar and 1.6% starch. This hay is same as the last time but the starch in this batch jumped up almost 1%, while sugar stayed the same.

Just curious if the starch alone plays a role in potential lami issues or is it solely the Starch and sugar combined total?

Thanks so much!
Vicky Monen and Samson

Aug 2015, Alpharetta Ga.

Eleanor Kellon, VMD

Hi Vicky,

That small amount of starch isn't likely to be causing issues unless you have clearly documented an insulin rise on the hays you think are a problem, vs when not on them. Other factors to consider re: insulin are change in exercise level, change in weight, time of year, cold weather, PPID not controlled. For hoof discomfort in general the list is even longer of other possible factors.
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