Hay analysis small quantity

Shevawn Romine

After 3 years of testing bales of CA large bermuda with good results and getting 16 bales a load, and most importantly no laminitis,    the suppliers that had it here in TX either can no longer get it or it was very old. So I had to get back on merry go round of finding hay.    I also now only have 1 horse I am getting it for (other has nubs left for teeth so has to eat cubes).    Problem is I get a couple bales to test,   but by the time test comes back,   getting more may be totally different stack from supplier (retail).    Started soaking as laminitis attack that happened after changing is still happening,   but feel like in doom loop with getting acceptable hay with a smaller amount as afraid to get more than a couple bales and get unacceptable test results and have to soak for months.   Any tips?    
Shevawn and Cassie  03/2015 Gordon,TX