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I finally got the hay results back. Uploaded to folder below. 
Can someone please direct me to the link to see what the numbers for starch and sugar should be? I have searched the files. I did find the 1 page document to contact someone to mineral balance based on the hay results, especially since I am still so new at this and learning. Maybe one day I can do it myself.  

I did purchase the NRC Plus class but can't take it until December (had no idea that it filled up so quickly) and I haven't gotten my questions answered from reaching out yet. I did read that with the class purchase you get a balancing but I don't want to wait until December.

Does anyone know if the NRC Advanced class fills up just as fast? 

Thank you

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Just another tid bit of information. I had no idea that Equi-Analytical was also called "Dairy One" (no where listed on their website). So missed the email coming from an email 3 days later after it was sent, I called to check on it. 

Tamara G. in Arizona 2020
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Hi Tamara,

In a nutshell you want the ESC+starch to be under 10% when the analysis is done via wet chemistry.  If you had the Trainer 603 test done on this hay it's well under that number.  Other than that I can't help for mineral balancing but if you contact someone on the balancer list they can. 

All information on hay can be found on the ECIR website at


When I found my horse with laminitis (confirmed by my vet of course) I met a barefoot trimmer who pointed me to this group. I went ahead with having my horse's diet balanced for me by Dr. Kathleen Gustafson who is one of the ECIR Diet Balancers. My money was well spent! I also was waiting for the the next NRC Plus course to begin.  Dr. Gustafson provides a LOT of information which really helped me understand the entire process. How to measure minerals, where to buy minerals and supplements, etc. This help and advice carried me thru making my purchases and mixing the needed diet balancer mix. The course given by Dr Kellon then educated me! I think that many of the ECIR Balancers offer  a one time reduced charge to new ECIR members. Heck the cost was much cheaper than having shoes put on a horse! My horses will always be barefoot because I also learned to trim my own horses. Hope you reach out to our balancers. Just ask for the price and what does it cover. It is well worth it.
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How do I find the list of people who do hay balancing?

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The list of people who can help with hay balancing Iis in the FIles: Scroll down to Folder #6 Diet Balancing, then click on the Hay Balancing pdf:

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