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Toni Johnson

Hi Group,
I'm looking at a late spring hay purchase and the sellers test shows the following test results. It is a Timothy mix hay.
WSC -10.1
Starch- 0.7
I have a recovered IR mare currently eating Orchard, 14 NSC hay that is twelve percent protein with Enrich as a ration balancer, salt, and Vit E. She get two pounds of Standlee alf/timothy per day as well. She had no rotation and is sound and at grass in the winter five hours a day. Two hours in summer, no spring or fall.
Thanks in advance.
Toni Johnson

Lorna in Ontario

Hi Toni,

On a quick glance ,I would go with this hay ,if it were me.

But , you could help us to help you so much better if you would set up a case history, and add the hay results you have in a folder there.

If you didn't save your Welcome message from Pauline last year,here is the link to it.

There are tons of details, and links in that message ,that willk help you help help you better. :-)

Happy to hear your mare is doing well.



Lorna  in Eastern  Ontario


Sherry Morse

Hi Toni,

We really need a case history to provide you with a meaningful answer.  Based on this email that hay should be fine without being soaked for most IR/PPID horses but some of them are more sensitive than others.  


Hi, Toni.
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