Hay testing question

Rhonda S


I have a sample of new hay to test, but my preferred testing company lists their test as a combo NIR/wet Chemistry.  Can someone tell me if it is acceptable?  
The second option has less info online now, but used to list their equine hay test under wet Chemistry packages. 

Option 1: SGS Canada, combo as noted

NW40/41 plus ESC and WSC
Calculations: SP/ADP/NDP as % CP, TDN and DE for horses

By NIR: CP, SP, ADF-CP, NDF-CP, ADF, NDF, lignin, fat, ash, starch, NH3-N (fermented)
By Wet Chemistry: DM, Ca, P, K, Mg, Na, Cu, Zn and Mn
Calculations: Amm-CP (as % SP - fermented), Digestible Protein (DP), SP/ADP as % CP, NFC, UIP, RFV (hay/haylage), ADF and OARDC energy calculations (TDN, NEL, NEG, NEM)


Option 2: A&L Canada

DM, Crude Protein, Soluble Protein, ADF-CP, UIP, ADF, NDF, Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium, Sulfur, Copper, Manganese, Zinc, Iron, Starch, Fat, Ash, WSC, ESC Calculated Values: TDN, DE, RFV, NSC, Reported on a “As Fed and Dry Weight Basis”


If I can use the first one I would prefer that, as I can drive the sample to the lab tomorrow. Advice is appreciated.

Rhonda S

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Nancy C

Hi Rhonda

You want to make sure the carbohydrates are tested via wet chemistry. ESC and starch in particular.

It looks to me that Option does not do that.  Not exactly sure what you are telling us about option two.

A call to the lab should answer your question.

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Kirsten Rasmussen

Option 1 is missing iron and only tests starch with NIR, both not ideal.   It's not clear if ESC is by NIR or wet chemistry. 

Option 2 looks better, if you can confirm the entire test is by wet chemistry.

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