heel support/ lavinia / now have another concern please help

Daisy Shepherd

did not hear from lavinia yet. . farrier here 1/28/2023, minimal work done as  little growth;  did hoof tester all 4 feets ( tiko barefoot x3 weeks);  tiko has thin soles,  his soles actually look better with some positive changes noted  but he did have small reaction to hoof testers all feet little more on front feet;  he wore boots x1 week none for  about 2 weeks except when i hand walked him over bigger gravel.   not quite sure what to do , farrier thinks no boots except when hand walked over harder rock areas  i do not want to be a bad mom,  should i use boots more or not. no bute for about 10 days.  thank you, daisy,tiko,whisper
Daisy, Tiko and Whisper
CO, April 2019
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Eleanor Kellon, VMD

I agree with your farrier - use boots only when needed.
Eleanor in PA

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