Help! Milky mare

Pennington-Boggio's <pennbo@...>

Hi everyone, Once again I need some advice from all of you too! My mare
has started to produce milk again. She did this once before about 2 1/2
years ago and it was another one of those Cushings signs that helped us
get the meds right. I called the vet (not the same one as then) and she
said "Oh it's not that unusual. Just watch her for signs of mastitis and
leave her alone." I am concerned now. My mare has came up with this
mystery lameness a few months ago that still comes and goes. Now she is
producing milk. I am wondering if her meds need to be increased/adjusted
but apparently my vet doesn't think so.... I haven't found a vet in
this area yet that I really trust so I feel compelled to double check
everything on my own. Have any of you dealt with this milk thing and if
so what did you do when it happened?
Thank You!!
Chris in CA