Hi Conny, glad you joined


I went through a similar thing, one vet said one thing and another
said something else, anyway after 2 years of this I did start permax.
My horse wasn't showing many symptoms either so the feeling was not
to start the meds from one vet however the more I read about cushings
I thought why wait for any major complications if she does have
cushings, consulted 2 more vets and started the permax. I got a
similar recommendation from my vet re: starting 2 meds at the same
time. My horse has been on permax about a month and my vets coming
out Fri. to check her and will decide about starting thyroid now or
wait. Her thyroid function has been withon normal range but again,
it's hard to get the whole picture with cushings sometimes. She's on
1 mg of permax, the other thought was perhaps adding cyproheptdine at
some point depending on how the disease is running. I make changes
slowly with my horse, even as far as supplements or new feed, just
because I want to make sure it's not the changes causing problems or
the disease is. I'm sure others will tell you about their
experiences, there are quite a few folks how have been treating
with cushings for years.