Hogan Greatly Improved on Metformin


Hogan's Insulin is down to 24.32 (baseline) in a 10-40 reference interval. This is a HUGE improvement! Just a week prior it was 73.51 and in January it exceeded 200! And his lower insulin directly correlates with his soundness improving.

I find this interesting because he was on Metformin a few years ago for a laminitic flare up, but there was no change. So, I'm quite surprised (but so thrilled) that it is working now. I thought I'd give it a shot before trying Invokana and so happy I did.

Can Hogan remain on Metformin? Has anyone experienced that it can maintain insulin levels long term (with diet to support of course)? How often should insulin levels be rechecked?


Aiken, SC 2022


ferne fedeli

I need to retest my Icelandic, Magic, soon, but his insulin came down quickly on Metformin too.  It seemed to be stabilizing, so I took him off the Metformin and the next test, his insulin went up a bit, so I put him back on it.  I grind it up and put it in his food dish with his other supplements, Stabul1 & ODTB cubes, and he eats it up just fine (I make SURE that there isn't any white showing!!!).  I can't really say it is continuing to help because I haven't retested, but plan to next month.

Ferne Fedeli  Magic & Jack   2007

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