Homer's got serious colic

Donna Coughlin


What a gift Homer was, and how fortunate that he had you caring so much for him.

He will stay with you forever–-I'm sure you'll hear his sage advice from time to time, and feel his love.

Donna, Duke, Robin and Obi
CT, Dec. 2009

It was so peaceful, he's at peace now and hopefully eating as much grass and carrots as he wants. He wouldn't even eat grass and apple today.

We'll love him forever.

France Jan 2010

sue wolf <wolffarm4@...>

Its never easy letting something you love go, but because of your love you gave homer everything you could... so sorry .. 
from the sounds of it, it was time.. hes now with all the other ones we lost and pigging out on all the greens,  happy and free.. smiling down at you saying, thank you  mom for everything.. 
Sue & princess


judyspitzer <judyspitzer@...>

I am so very sorry. I hope that the wonderful memories you have of Homer will reside in your heart forever.

Oct. 2012
northeast MO

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It was so peaceful, he's at peace now and hopefully eating as much grass and carrots as he wants.
France Jan 2010

Terri <terri.axtell@...>

I am so very sorry. :(
Terri and Brandon from Milwaukee, WI
Joined 12/01/12


So sorry Andrea. Unlike people, our animals give so much and ask so little. You were brave to let him go.


I am very sorry for your loss, Andrea. It is allways hard to be left behind by one of our ponies.
Sure Homer will meet some nice guys up there to play with.


Annette from Germany
June 2008

JOYCE MROZIELSKI <joycemrozielski@...>

Thank you, Homer, for bringing Andrea into my realm.
Joyce & Izmir
Normandy, France

Pauline <takarri@...>

Andrea, my condolences to you.

It always saddens me when I hear of a loss on this list. We are all kindred spirits on this journey that our fur kids have sent us on- they teach us so much. It's one of the hardest & kindest things we can do in return for them.

Take care
Jack/Spur/Angel Harry
Aust Aug 07

Lorna <briars@...>


My heart is broken for you.I'm so sorry.

Lorna in Ontario,Canada
ECIR Moderator 2002
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He taught us so much. It's through Homer that I've learned what I have about laminitis, and because of him I've been able to help other horses with laminitis. He was only 18, his laminitis seemed well behind him, he gave Martin the best ride of his life only last Tuesday, he taught him to ride. We'll love him forever.

Cindy McGinley

Andrea, I'm so sorry. You did what was best for Homer.

Deepest Sympathy,
Cindy, Alf, Dare, & Saffron
EC Support
May 2006

Amy T <aet001@...>

Andrea, I'm so sorry for your loss. Fly free, Homer, green grass and
blue skies forever. Peace and happy memories to you all. Amy in PA
'06ish (Herbie IR, Darby, lost beloveds on HIH site Echo, Dylan,
Pebbles, Cherry, Misty who was C/IR)
--- In EquineCushings@..., "andrealefley" <androbjon@...>

He's gone. His pulse had risen to over 60 and his lactate was above
normal, and he was in so much
Thank you all for your kind thoughts, and thank you so much Dr Kellon
for putting my mind at rest and making those last moments with him

France Jan 2010

astrid Noordhoek <astrid.noordhoek@...>

I am really, truly sorry for your loss.

RIP Homer.

Astrid/the Netherlands