How long can you safely leave a horse on the emergency diet?


I have a newly diagnosed EMS and possibly PPID gelding.  I have started the emergency diet and am going to add the Uckele Glycemic EQ as soon as it arrives.  He is getting 25lbs of Bermuda hay soaked.  He is also getting Metformin 30 mg/kg.  I am moving to SC Jan 26th and won’t be able to test hay until I get there.
Denise L in SC 2022

Eleanor Kellon, VMD

If your question is how long can you safely stay on the emergency diet, the answer is there is no inherent danger to the emergency diet it just works better when you have balanced mineral intake as well but the Glycocemic EQ will help start that process.
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Lesley Bludworth

My horse has been on soaked bermuda hay since August and is doing well recovery wise.  I have still not gotten her insulin under control.
This is what my experience with soaked has has been from a mineral balancing perspective
The hay was not balanced for minerals until October when I finally got new hay and obtained a coreing device. Since I had not ever had hay analyzied before I had both the soaked and non soaked hay samples analyized to see what the difference would be..
The soaked bermuda hay was much lower in almost all minerals except
Iron (iron was actually was slightly higher in the soaked sample due to being soaked in highly alkaline water per Dr. Kellon) Molybdenum and Copper. 
other minerals were lower by about half.  The hay analysis of each is in my case folder.
The hay was balanced but the person doing the balancing used the non soaked sample as a reference as she said minerals dont usually soak out of hay.
Now, I am on my second load of hay and I am only sending in the soaked sample for analyisis and for balancing. 
My mares insulin goes way up on the non soaked hay even though it is very low in starch/sugar.
Lesley Bludworth 
Phoenix, AZ   7/2022
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