Human style insulin tests for horses

Sara Goodnick

Since I keep reading that those with IR horses, (the horse having been initially tested by a vet), should continue to monitor their horses' insulin levels, I was wondering, is there a way to test for insulin levels on horses in the same manner as is done for humans instead of having a vet come draw blood and send to a lab? Is anyone doing research on a product that might come on the market in the near future if there isn't anything already? Getting a vet to come out to our remote area is very expensive and hauling in is a half-day event.
Sara Goodnick Arizona, 2016 c

Sherry Morse

Hi Sara,

The short answer is no.  The 'stallside' test that has been developed still requires a blood draw and is only for sale to vets.  Human devices monitor glucose, not insulin.


Another possibility, Sara, is to draw the blood yourself and safely deliver it to a vet willing to submit it for testing for you.  Either you could draw it or a vet tech who lives close enough to you to do it.  The protocol for handling blood sent to Cornell for testing is found here.
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