Interpret Hay Analysis + Switch Diet

Sherry Morse

Hi Jess,

Is Clover UR, PPID or both? Do you have blood work? Do you have a case history? If he's IR or PPID the Purina products need to be stopped. Without knowing his current/ideal weight we can't comment on amounts being fed.

Since you have a hay analysis you can contact one of the balancers listed in the files for assistance in balancing the hay. Until you do that I would recommend feeding the emergency diet (hay - soaked if needed, beet pulp, salt, vitamin E, flax and Mg.

Jess R

I added my hay analysis to my profile, but I am not sure how to interpret it. I need to update Clover's images for both body and feet which I will do this weekend. I am also going to schedule to get his feet x rayed but I wanted to check with everyone here about his diet first. 

Currently Eating (Twice Daily):
Purina Omega - 12 1/8 oz 
Purina Impact - 11 1/2 oz
Beet Pulp-  9 5/8 oz
(Hay stretcher 1.5 qt I forgot to weigh)

6 Flakes of hay soaked, roughly 2lbs a flake when I weighed it and this is for the whole day, not fed twice daily

I know what he is eating right now is not good for him and I've discussed with my barn owner about switching things. He lost weight over the summer and he is so picky. He was on TC timothy cubes but he started throwing it and not eating all of it. Also tried MadBarn AmintoTrace+ and Vermont Blend and he doesn't like it. I liked the Triple Crown Golden Flax I just had a hard time sourcing it at one point so I'm not sure if I should try that or chia seeds. Stabul 1 I see as safe feed so perhaps I order a bag and see if he likes it. But I'm not sure what should swap. His feet are feeling a little tender on the rocks at my barn (and it's rocky) and the farrier is keeping his fronts a little long which I'm weary if that's the correct thing to do. I've read the Trim part on here and I will discuss with her but I felt like maybe images would be a good baseline.

Jess in New Jersey 2020